Saturday, July 17, 2004
new revelations
gosh i had such a looooooooooooooooovely day today :) ok apart from the waking up at 5:30am part la hehe... hmm ok so dragged myself out of bed after barely getting any sleep then....i FINALLY went paintballing *woo-hoo*.. something i've been meaning to go for for quite some time now actually.. was a lil nervous (but don't tell anyone ok?) on what to expect but hey...i was pretty excited! It turned out to be really fun (except for the sitting-in-a-cold-puddle-while-staking-out-the-base part). Contrary to popular belief, or at least to my previous belief, paintballs (or painballs as the Marshall put it) aren't soft rainbow coloured bobs which splat into multi-coloured-buncho-paint-like artistic splats. They are, in fact, hard yellow plastic bobs which bounce about and break, thus splattering you with a mess of icky oily yellow goo interspersed with tiny shards of plastics. Apparently it doesn't taste too great either *surprise surprise* ...according to some people of course.

I got shot once on the leg and it did hurt but oh well... at least i now know what it feels like :p haha sorta does away with a bit of the 'what-does-getting-shot-feel-like' apprehension which is a good thing of course.

Hmmm... later today went down to The Regent KL for another TCS roadshow... had The Mc D's prawn burger (??) for din. it ...was.....interesting.... :p i shall refrain from saying more lest they sue me silly for defamation :) but you get the idea right??

Anyways, rushed back home and took what i consider to be my fastest shower ever then it was out to the Heineken Green Room Music Fest. Yay! i'm so glad i decided to go for it.. eventhough i certainly would've like to have been there earlier (*grumble grumble*) it was still really good! Been waiting for a fest like this for a while... if you haven't guessed yet, i sorta have a thing for outdoor festivals..addicted to em :p seriously though this sudden surge in outdoor events has just really made my hols. it's so nice to go out at night and be able to enjoy the cool night while still getting a hefty dose of entertainment.


that's the life :)

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