Friday, July 02, 2004
i'm so confused!! in more ways than one really.

Went camera shopping today for a new digicam.. My dad had this great idea that i needed to start learning road directions so he made me drive round and round in the blazing afternoon heat :p Finally went to midvalley to start my great quest for the perfect digicam. Was bombarded with all these weird sounding brands, model numbers, features and other digicam gibberish that just made my already woozy head swirl even more.*eck* anyways, haven't made a decision on the cams yet so as yet, i have no digicam of my own to play with..

Been feeling a little down and out the whole day. Not really sick or anything just not too up to things. Didn't feel like snapping away much. took a few shots at practice but didn't really snap those pics whole-heartedly.. i didn't want to put any pics up just for the sake of putting it up here so instead, i decided to leave todays pic spot... *BLANK*

That's how i'm feeling today.. sorta empty and blank.
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