Saturday, January 13, 2007

Half full or half empty?? Taken in Bali (which is miss dearly)..

So happy yet it is a 'happy' with the knowing that
there is still some 'sad' that lies beneath..

It's not like they're both the same thing, they're completely unrelated yet both feelings co-exist in a contradicting but distinct way - Contradistinction. I read that word off Jake's site and thought it perfectly described me now.

Anyhoo, emo-ness aside, I'm going to collect my new gadget baby tomorrow.. quite excited!! *EEeee* i'll show it to you when i've gotten it.. hehehe. For now, enjoy this song by Buzzcocks called Wish I Never Loved You.. and before the questions start coming in, NO the song wasn't chosen for the lyrics. I just heard it and thought that it was the happiest sounding sad song i've heard in a while. Kinda like what i'm feeling like now, happy but sad but neither but both *blek* Besides, the band name sounded catchy when i was browsing Sonific... ;)


On a side note, I've only got about a month more back home in KL before i fly of to Aussie next month :( I can feel the clock ticking down.. *tick tick tick tick*... *eep*

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Buzzcocks..sounds super wrong.


Blogger yellow_monsta said...
whoah, such a meaningpacked word

*come on and celebrate, celebrate.. * ;p

Blogger Nicholas said...
it doesn't need to be 'half empty' or 'half full'. It can be at 'half capacity' :D

Blogger Matty said...
me likey the pic-ey! really nicely done :) Thinking of starting a portfolio page, wanna join in along? Meet up b4 u fly ya!

Blogger grace_t said...
Bear: haha i know ;)

Monsta: la la la .. eh you don't start that nonsense too.. dirt la you!

Nicholas: Aiyoh.. *shakes head*

Matty: i'm glad-ey you lik-ey! ooh what's a protfolio page?? yah yah msut meet up soon.. when you free la??

Blogger Justin said...
whoa girl..u can tell whether it's me anot.-_-"


ahahhahaa..power powerrrr..!:D

Blogger grace_t said...
bear: of course i know it's you ;) i got super bear senses.. hehe

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