Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Dream of a dream
Yesterday, i was sleeping on the couch..
dreaming that i was sleeping on the couch, dreaming that i was sleepnig on the couch..


Life's kinda like that sometimes, isn't it? When you finally think that you've woken up into reality, you go about your day only to really wake up later and find that what you thought was real was only a dream. Sometimes, the real real is better than the dream. Sometimes, it's not. But when you think about it - which is more real? The reality that really is, or the reality you choose to believe? Besides, who's to say that the reality you choose to believe isn't real at all?

Don't mind me, i'm musing.

Just realised that this would be the first time in a long time that i've blogged during sane daylight hours.. *weirds*

Anyways, to all my Hindu & Muslim friends..

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya

Speaking of which, i gotta run off for a raya open house in a bit. Just a quick post of the rest of the pics we took during our zoo-rific trip :D *enjoy*


Angry ostrich - she doesn't like paparazzi ;p

"Maybe if i pretend to sleep, they'll get the hint and stop disturbing me.."

Big Fish = Big Fish O Fillet *yum* (sorry i haven't had my breakfast yet..)

grumpy giraffe - he was making all these farny faces at me!

I think it's quite ironic how it takes squinting and looking through a small hole in a black box to help us to see better sometimes...

Behind the lens - Me! Thanks to SJ for the pic..

Behind the lens - Sian Jeen's GQ look

Behind the lens - Joanne smiling sweetly

Behind the lens - Yi Khai pretending to look at his watch :D

Teddy and me... they both have such cute lil dark eyes :)

This lil guy found some strange creature to look at..

I think he just found a stranger one.. @_@"

Artistic shot of friends.. (me first time using a warming filter :D)

Semi-artistic shot of friend.. (i make a cameo - spot me!)

Not-very-artistic shot of friends.. *hehe* L-R: SianJeen, Joanne & YiKhai doing their kawaii girl pose.

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