Sunday, October 22, 2006
The In Between..
There's something about slow mornings..
and quiet nights - just puts you in that mood..

Listening to: Nobody Knows - Tony Rich Project

And after that, it doesn't really matter if anything or nothing happened during the day in between. Much like everything else in life, all that people see or remember is what happened at the start and what happened at the end. It's that same frame of mind that pushes us to constantly feel like we should be acheiving more when in truth we spend most of our lives being "works-in-progress" rather than being the end product ;p I'm still in the 'in-between'...

Just something that was running around in my head. My sis read in Reader's Digest that if a song is playing again and again in your head, the best way to get it to stop is to sing and let it out - i hope the same applies for thoughts too.. :)

Going off on a random tangent for a bit - speaking of in-between-ers, i can't believe they killed off Tweener on Prison Break!! *argh* hahaa... i need episode 8 of Season 2... *sobs*

Meanwhile.. since Yi Khai has been so hard working and has already posted ALL his zoo pics, i, henceforth, shall double my efforts in posting zoo pics too *blek*

If there's one thing i don't really like about Zoo Negara, it's that all the animals are so obviously isolated from the zoo visitors. The elephants were chained to the back of their enclosure, the birds are locked away behind double layers of cage-wire-things (as are the mice - why? They're gonna escape and terrorise the zoo?) & about the only animals you can actually get close too are the chickens.. @_@" I don't really have to say much about this photo.. the monkey's eyes just say it all..

Scaree looking monitor lizard..

Lazy hippos..

I am officially a CANON girl :D
(Thanx to SJ for shooting this for me. i've been wanting to take a shot like this ever since i got my cam!!)

Though the elephants were way at the back of their enclosure, a 100-300mm zoom lens ensured that i got to sneak a shot of them smiling shyly (Thanks again Kevin for letting me steal your lens!)

Speaking of birds, Mr. Macaw says hi :)

A shy lil porcupine hiding out in his fake log thingy

Roo!! Reminds me of Aus, which reminds me of my indecision - *change subject*

Hmm.. now what's this strange creature? Wait, i'll try to get closure and get a better look..

Ahh!! It's a Yi Khai! I knew it! *hee* What could he possibly be shooting??

Why, ME of course! Weirdos la.. go to zoo, shoot each other *sighs* (Thanks to SJ for shooting me shooting him shooting me)
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
i like the monkey picture the most! eh, but not being bias because he's my kin

oh, saw the pic with you and the LONG lens. heh


but, you look quite hiau ler.. "p

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