Thursday, October 19, 2006
The initial excitement..
has disintergrated into full-blown confusion..

Listening too: Sunzet - Telling Lies (album: First Hotel Skt. Petri, Vol. 3)

Got the last 2 university acceptance offers earlier this week. I now officially have no more excusse not to think seriously about which uni to got to next year. I feel like someone who's gonna marry someone online without ever having met them before..


I mean, how can you possibly make an "informed decision" like this without EVER having gone to either place, personally spoken to students from your prospective faculties or anything of that sort? And yeah, photos online don't help - i know what photoshop and good camera angles can do to reality ;p Plus, reading bout the place from websites and hearing about it from the uni marketing staff can sometimes paint quite different pictures from what happens in reality (take lkw for example).

...and what do you do when the pros and cons lists match up evenly between the two???

*excuse me while i rant*

Wish i could just wallow in peaceful nothingness for a bit like this boar at the zoo.. Just chilling. Knowing that each day will come, and with it the assurance of provision as always. God, help... *eep*

Just another boar-ing day ( get it? get it? BOAR -ing?? *hee* :D )
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
BOARING DAY??? hahahahaha!... it's such a good one yet.. so lame.. argghz, duality! ;p

"Wish i could just wallow in peacefully nothingness for a bit like this boar at the zoo.. Just chilling..." (with lounge music, veli important!)

better not also, later you end up.. er.. extremely horny like them animals.. joy juice.. hmmm

Blogger Justin said...
ahahaha..extremely boaring day? lols. girl..u've been getting lamer since i left. LOLS!:P

i think it's the holidays..:P

lol. i can only suggest that you pray earnestly and fast maybe to seek out your answers.:)

Anonymous kOtAk said...
so which 2 unis where u offered 2 go to? :)

Blogger grace_t said...
ray: *hee* my lame-ness surpasses my emo-ness.. speaknig of lounge music, i'm listening to it right now :D hehe


kotak: The last two offers that came in were from QUT & UNSW (there were 4 others but i'm prob considering more seriously between these 2) ;p

Blogger Jo said...
Ask them for Malaysian alumni you can get in contact with so you can make a more informed decision.

I might even know some alumni myself, but you'll have so ask nicely.

Blogger grace_t said...
jo: hmms didn't think of doing that.. hehe i'll try to get in touch with the unis.. thanx! :D you know some alumni from which uni??

Blogger Jo said...
I think I know someone from UNSW.

I'm not sure what QUT is. I've a friend who college-hopped around Melbourne until he managed to end up in RMIT, or some nonsense like that.

What are you studying?

Blogger grace_t said...
jo: hmm what did your UNSW friend study? i'm doing Interior Architecture/Interior Design so anyone from the Built Environment faculty would be great.. @_@

QUT is Queensland University of Technology.. haha i got an offer from RMIT too but not too keen on it la.. it's so like limkokwing ;p

Blogger Jo said...
Business and Accounting, or something along those lines. Most of my friends aren't so arty farty.

I think the only BA I know in Oz did English, at UniSyd.

Anyway what IS the dilemma?

Blogger grace_t said...
hmms twas hoping to talk to people from the faculty i'm heading too ;p

It's not really a dilemma.. more of a bout of severe indecisiveness - should i do one year in a lesser known uni (QUT) and pursue something else after that (like a year in photography maybe?) or should i do 2 years in a better known uni (UNSW)... ;p then there's the questions of which city i'd find more livable *blek* stuff like that - i can get obsessive about details..

Blogger Jo said...
Ah, another step into maturity. Well, you'll have to decide what's truly important in a different environment. Ultimately, it must be important to you - and can be utterly senseless and meaningless to another.

I know of people who've made similar decisions based on seemingly ridiculous bases such as distance to city centre, ratio of boys to girls, and experiencing life in such-and-such city. No regrets for them - it was important to them.

So maybe for you it's opportunities to take great photos. Maybe it's the arts scene. Maybe it's weather. Maybe it's the number of cute guys. Maybe it's the quiet, slow life. Maybe it's the Photography Club in each place.

Anyway you're a big girl now, you can make your own decisions, right?

Blogger grace_t said...
hehe another step into maturity? *i have my doubts* :D

Hmms.. i was thinking of QUT since it's only one year which means i could do another year in something else - say photography ;p ah.. i suppose, when i do make my final decision it will be based on some small nonsensical reason.. I've reached a point where i know enough to not want to know anything hehe... get what i mean?

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