Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Retail Theraphy + Road Trip = Zoo Negara(?)
Exhausted beyond words..
..but it's all for a good cause

My weekend trip to Singapore was one long retail therapy session peppered with bouts of shooting with Matthias and lots and lots of yummy meals.. this all adds up to a very very VERY happy grace. :)

Got back from Sunny Singapore (actually, twas pretty hazy down there too ;p) on Sunday with my new baby!!! Finally got my Canon 350D!! *yaaays* Thanks so much to everyone who chipped in for it for my 21st bday *does happy dance*

Went shooting at Zoo Negara yesterday with Yi Khai, Sian Jeen & Joanne to test run my new baby. Brought along more photog gear that i stole from my dear cousin Kevin :D I love gadgets!! Seriously, one experiences such an amazing rush to the head when armed with multiple lenses, filters, Manfrotto tripods and such. Most of us had not been back to the zoo since kindergarten and so, as we turned 21, we decided that we were long overdue for a SERIOUS dose of second-childhood-syndrome. With Yi Khai and SianJeen happily singing in the background to scare away other visitors, we set of to conquer the zoo. Will post more shots from the zoo trip and the S'pore trip soon.

Will post more shots from my S'pore trip and the zoo trip soon. For now, here are a few snake shots taken at the Reptile House @ Zoo Negara.. puuuurty snakes!!

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
'this all adds up to a very very VERY happy grace'

*nods furiously*

Blogger sooaun said...
nice shots! as usual... :P keep em coming...

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