Monday, July 04, 2005

*Rancangan ini tergendala sekejap*

Okay i know that it's weird to interupt the sentimental wedding picture series with this but i just couldn't sleep without posting something about CHEER 2005 and the fact that BLITZERZ were named the NATIONAL 1st RUNNER-UPS!! Woo-hoo!! i'm just ecstatic for them they really really worked so hard for it.. all very drama-like.. The silence before the announcements, the disappointment with not getting 3rd place (which they thought was their only shot at placements), their joy when named for 2nd place winners.... lols... there were much tears shed by the cheerleaders, friends, family, teachers and supporters. Everyone in the stadium was swept up in a sea of blue as Blitzerz supporters invaded centre stage hehe. i will post more about it when i can finally load my pics out of the cam (my battery and charger died see.. so everythings stuck in the camera *sob*) .. but for now this is a lil thingy i helped them do for their supporter t-shirts (which allowed any Blitzerz supporter to be spotted from half way across the stadium - kinda cool actually. the first thing you notice when you get in the stadium is this BIIIIIIG mass of blue with bobbing heads.. *smells like team spirit*) .

So wedding pics and Cheer 2005 pics are gonna be popping up at confusing intervals.. do excuse me for that... i'm rather confused about which happy buzz i should indulge in first.. eeeeEeEeeeee... lovely lovely weekend.

*jumps up and down*

(Oh yeah, btw if you're wondering why i'm so excited about this team, it's cos my darling lil sis it the captain of the squad. Just realised that i haven't mentioned that yet :) and also a big thanx to Arthur for "obliging" to pose as the screaming guy on the t-shirt design )
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