Sunday, July 03, 2005
Tea Cups

Ooh been so snap-happy these past two days. On Friday i went to help out Michelle & Wu Han with some picture taking for their tea ceremony & "fetching-of-the-bride" ritual (i keep forgetting the Chinese name for this ritual ;p ). Been quite a while since i've dug out my trusty SLR camera and, for that matter, my digi cam as well. Felt sooooo good to hold my two babies (*ahem* cameras..) again.

What "Chinese Tea Ceremony" photo series would be complete without pics of the tea set? Most of what i shot with my digi cam earlier in the day was in sepia tones.. something about the olden-day kinda feel of these tones that i think links to the ancient roots of this ritual. You can tell i already had this lovely little buzz in my head.. :)
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