Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Trick or Treat

I have copyright on these boxers too! *lol* since dear Andrew wanted me to post a close-up of his trick or treaters (which, he apparently has been waiting patiently for, if i recall accurately, five years to wear *eep*), here they are..

p/s: So how'd you like em Andrew? Photoshopped it a bit for your benefit *hehehe* kidding..
Anonymous Anonymous said...
OMG, it reads like "Prick or Treat"!!!

Blogger andrewshee said...
For 5 years I've waited.. Finally, my boxers have been exposed for all to appreciate!

Thanks for the photoshop effects Grace, it kinda adds this 'hippy-make-lots-of-love-not-war' feel to it..

p/s: Prick or Treat! I like that..

Blogger grace_t said...
Hahahahaha.... Prick or Treat.. heheh!! you're welcome andrew.. oh gosh.. hahaha...wooo...

Blogger andrewshee said...
Why Grace, do I sense some sort of awkwardness in your nervous laughter?

Blogger grace_t said...
andrew dah-ling (cue heavy southern accent),

nervous laughter? me? naw i don't think so.. more of a bemused state really.. ;)

Anonymous kOtAk said...
Andrew's true "assets" have been revealed!

we should frame this pix & hang it up at the academy. its time to replace the FHM Calendar girls!

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