Sunday, July 03, 2005
A Kiss to Build A Dream On

"Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on...

Give me your lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on.."

On the way back after the wedding dinner, Greg had this song playing in his car.. it's been stuck in my head the whole night. In quite a dreamy mood right now.. just so so happy for the both of them :) This shot was taken during the ceremony on Friday. It has a particularly traditional wedding portrai-ty feel to it i think ;) reminds me of those pics of my great grandma on her wedding day... *ahh...*

[p/s: Michelle & Wu Han so so so sorry that the pic in the frame didn't quite turn out like this.. the printer tried but he just couldn't get the colours and tones right :( will try looking for one that can print a better one ks? Hope you like the frame though. Mandy sends her love. Congrats again you two :) ]
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gaik ping

hi grace, ermm you don't know me but i'm a friend of benji and yi khai's. just wanted to say that your photos are GREAT! yea, that's it...

Blogger grace_t said...
Thanx so much Gaik Ping ;)

Anonymous Andy said...
Hi Grace, I am a friend of Michelle's and she sent me this link.

These are some lovely pictures and this moment that you captured with the kiss is just superb.

Were you waiting for it or it just happened and you managed to captured the image?

Blogger grace_t said...
hey andy,

thanx for your lovely comments. really appreciate em ;)

most of what i shot that day was unplanned and just happened.. mainly because i was trying to stay out of the way of the oficial photographer and everyone else.. this particular shot however i can't really say cos i shot it several times and the official (professional) photograper asked them to kiss several hehe i'm not sure if it was the "natural kisses" or the "posed ones" that i captured *lols* doesn't really make a differance anyway cos they both were so genuinely into each other each time. They are a lovely couple to photograph ;)

Anonymous Andy said...
Hi Grace,

You are so right about them being so natural about it. The love and affection really shows through.

Speaking about photos, did you obtain any of Wu Han after the dinner? Specifically of the time when you and the Canticles were serenading him?

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha... er.. well... i have photos of him just before we serenaded him *lols* their kinda blur cos i didn't want to confuse him even more with the flash. However those pics are subject to wu han's approval before public release hehe...(unless of course i am properly flattered & bribed ;) )

Anonymous Andy said...
Grace, please name your price! hahaha Michelle kinda gave her "blessings" when I told her about it.

As for flattery... you sure you want it to be plastered in a very public blog? (or that is the idea for it to be plastered in a very public blog) hahaha

Blogger grace_t said...
hehehe! Yes, that is the whole idea *lol*

Anonymous Andy said...
Flattery eh? Please check out the tag board shortly.... once I verify a couple of things with Michelle :p

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