Friday, December 14, 2007
Virtual Vandalism

Little hearts on the streets of Kiama, Australia.

i heart you..
i don't want to but i do..

Blogs are kinda like street art. You can say want you want to and need to say in the most public way and still stay discreet. It's that outlet for all the pent up things you want to say. It listens, it understands, it willingly accepts all the linguistic regurgitation you throw its way.

Sometimes i reckon my blog knows me better than most people do. I tell it when i'm sad, when i'm happy and when i'm drifting somewhere in between. I tell it when i need a break, when i feel broken and when i finally break free... and all the while, still maintaining the ambiguity of the truth.

Forget camwhoring, cryptic blogging is the way to go. It's easier than etching a statement into the back of a toilet door and more sanitary too. When you think about it, blogs are rather like virtual vandalism victims. We carve into them our random thoughts, musings, opinions, feelings, aspirations, confessions, confusion, perversions, fears, anger, belief - anything that tells the world that "Hey, guess what? Grace was here - she has something to say and she wants you to know that."

It's simple really. On some level, all we want is someone to hear what we have to say..
and with virtual vandalism, we don't actually have to say it to say it.

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Blogger Monsta said...
i somehow.. feel for your blog.. so kesihan... like kena taruk emo hot water

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha yar i abuse my blog by constantly drowning it in waves of emo-ness.. dunno why la... i'm not very inspired to blog when i'm ahppy. i actually do write blog posts in my head when i'm happy hehe i think bout all the things i wanna write.. but then come home.. just... don't feel like blogging anymore. But when i'm emo.. i sometimes feel like blogging more than once a day hehehe.. sad right??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
well, if it ain't drama ... why blog about it?

And no, not sad... I suppose you'd need enough emotional motivation to complete the writing of a post.

Otherwise, you might well end up scripting it half way, and not knowing why you started in the first place, and then just ditching it.

(which is just as well since it's probably not worth the time to write, or read)


Blogger grace_t said...
"Otherwise, you might well end up scripting it half way, and not knowing why you started in the first place, and then just ditching it."

hehe that would account for the dozen or so draft posts i have sitting in my account that died halfway and never made it out to see daylight ;D

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