Thursday, October 18, 2007
OK, right...
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Sydney street stories.
"...and time moves on like a train, that disappears into the night sky." - This Old Love' by Lior

'Tis a tad bit sad when..
you have to read you friend's blog to find out what's really going on in their heads.

While mindlessly procrastinating doing work, i decided to blog hop my friends' blogs on my link list. Admittedly i don't blog read everyday as i'd like to think that ACTUAL human contact says much more than reading something online... i was wronggg...

It seems that for some unexplainable strange reason, people tend to be more open and vulnerable (albeit a tad ambiguous sometimes) in a public blog or facebook/friendster/myspace/(insert online friend network name here) post than they are in person.

There's an odd sense of relief in admitting your true feelings and thoughts for all the world to see. Somehow, doing that via some text/pictures/html code gibberish posted online makes it easier... distant... safer...

We trade letters for emails, calls for instant messages, hugs for digital "pokes" (what's a facebook poke anyways?? O_o"), real smiles for emoticon ones... and yet intentions are true and we are probably more likely to express those intentions now that an alternative (and less scary) medium exists..

We are a strange people.

Very strange indeed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
its sad to know that people are more likely to express those feelings or worst more likely to choose to express those feelings through emoticons and all. Don't you think emoticons are a tad bit too cold to be expressing an emotion that creates that warm feeling in all of us when its expressed. that is what defines our humanity.

even if you say that its expressed with sincerity and good intentions but how is the other suppose to know when the very pressures of the human embrace, a measurement of how much you miss someone, is replaced by just the letter "h" "u" and "g" on facebook, which everyone can do with just a click of a button.

the expression of one's feelings shouldn't be scary. it should be liberating. what are you afraid of? and why? you should probably ask those questions.

I'm really sorry if I offended you in any way. i've had issues of my own with someone i care deeply for but its gets really frustrating because she doesn't want to or cannot seem to connect. I don't know if its my fault or if she's having issues of her own but it really doesn't help at all when she doesn't want to talk about it. Anyhow...I think I should stop. Think about it because to be honest, expressing one's feeling shouldn't be scary it should be liberating. God only knows how much I want to tell her that I miss her and I love her...if only we were really talking.

Blogger grace_t said...
anonymous: wow, that is a really long reply to a really short post heh.. and i thought that no one read my blog ;)

no offense taken - was your comment meant to be confrontational? O_o" too little sleep, i can't tell.

i was making one of my random 4am commentaries on the peculiarity of modern human interaction (complete with sad little quirks) and the irony of how technology created to "bring people together" actually drives us apart.

It's a funny thing don't you think? People are more likely to freely *hug* a friend on facebook than in person so in that way they more freely 'express' their emotions and yet when we start substituting real gestures and real human contact with virtual versions, this newfound 'freedom to express one's feelings' becomes a new form of emotional restrain & repression.

Everyone has their own fears and strange reasonings - it's only human. Why we do what we do will forever be one of those unanswerable mysteries in life. It is interesting though that you chose to write a very thorough and honest comment on the liberation of real expression of feelings vs. impersonal virtual means and yet.. remain anonymous :)

I applaud those who step up to openly speak their mind and share their feelings in a respectful manner. In the same way, however, i also respect the wishes of those who choose to keep their feelings to themselves only to be shared with a few select people whom they trust and cherish. Different strokes for different folks, i suppose.

I don't suppose it's my place to tell you what to do as i don't even know who you are... but a small suggestion - how about taking your own advice and talking to that girl personally? (Do so tastefully and at the right time tho..)

Just a thought, human connection is a two-way thing. Just as you have the right to feel, the other person also has the right not to feel. All you can do on your part is to let it out in the open - no expectations, no strings attached and accept whatever reply you do or do not receive :)

Hope things get sorted out for you and your lady friend..


-grace t.

Anonymous D. said...
Uh, I thought blogs were meant to be read? Especially more so when you're straining to find something else to do on your computer beyond writing theses.

I find that the 'net is an awfully good way to say something without actually having to deal with an immediate response from the other party.

Like Grace, I suppose people feel that personal blogs are mostly left unread, or skimmed over at best. The transient, impersonal nature of 'net does lend itself to this.

The irony of the whole situation is that while the depressed are writing out loud, given the cryptic language used, only close friends and stalkers will have any idea of what they're on about.

Another irony is that the 'net is anything but transient. Stuff gets stored, archived, and backed-up a dozen times over because storage is cheap.

If I might suggest to the anonymous commenter : go talk to someone about it. preferably not *her* at this point in time. no offense meant, but you don't sound too ready to receive a response, favorable or otherwise.


Ok, I think I better get back to writing my thesis - I'm re-reading my text and the it seems my "chop-chop" concise paper writing style is creeping into my everyday rambling ... (oh no!)

Blogger Mel said...
I just found your blog! But I really loved this post, particularly. I'm a Facebookaholic myself, but I do agree with what you said. It's great that you actually stopped to notice this about modern human nature. I guess we are constantly looking for new ways to connect and express ourselves. The anonymity of cyberspace can definitely be comforting, but hopefully we never lose touch of how important real human contact is.

Oh, and *hugs* :)

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