Thursday, September 13, 2007
Of Garages and Guy Stuffs

Roadtrippin' - spring break countdown begins!! (Shot on Ilford XP5)

I'm in a strange mood today..
Then again, feeling strange ain't that strange anymore..

In between researching for a report and trying to actually do the report, i decided to happily (and successfully) distract myself by surfing online for birthday present ideas for a guy friend of mine.

The age old question of "what do you get a guy as a present??" is one that rarely finds its resolve unless i'm somehow magically saved by another person with some semblance of a bright idea (and they're all bright ideas in comparison to my 'no ideas'.. heh).

Me : So.. what should we get him for his bday??
Tim : Dunno.. what would you like? You like kinda boy-ish stuffs..
Me : *blek*

Hmmm.. worth giving that thought a go.. okay, so if i were a guy, what would i like? I reckon i would like gadgets, tools, shiny stuffs, shiny cars, big tough manly stuffs and a huge garage to keep all of em in... Yeap, think i would be a gadget freak kinda guy, possibly automobile obsessed too... either way, i want a big big garage - always have, always will..

Speaking of shiny boy toys (not toy boys), i came across this website that's got yummy storage solutions for garages and stuff. Was researching storage units for a project i'm working on at the mo and got distracted by the shiny shiny gadgets and storage units they have at that website. Ooh i really like the sexy red set they have there.. hehe been having a sorta "red" phase these days.. *sigh* everything in the photos on that site look so neat and perfectly polished!! Grrr...... they've got all sorts of gadgets and storage bits to satisfy my inner-OCD... finally, a place to store everything... :D

Now all i have to do is find a place to store the storage units *sobs*.. My room is in a complete state of disarray now.. Suitably post-project-design-studen-ish with random pieces of stuffs sticking out everywhere... grrr really do wish i had a garage to chuck it all in. Heh.. then i can just close the door and make everything magically disappear *poof* ... maybe then i'd have a place to actually STAND in my room... *blek*

This post is sponsored by Carguygarage...

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Blogger Matty said...
Well i can tell you what guys want -- a brand new set of ND filters, Some branded lenses, and a new external flash (namely the nikon SB 800) ;) Yeahp, drool~

hehehe hello! long time no see :) I'm finally starting to post again...wwell kinda. *pokes* and iv'e gotten my link pages up~ so yeah *pokes* oi, sned mails once in a while :D

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha girls want that too (except i want a white Canon lens.. *mmmm*)

whooo.. was wondering where you'd disappeared to.. eh i thought i sent you a postcard last semester???... and 'someone' didn't write back... ;p

Blogger Matty said...
Well I wanted to...but then procrastinated somehow :/ hahaha, aiyo. Anyways, How're you doing with your photography these days? WHere else do u put ur pics on? I'm going more and more into learning how to control the shots and editing etc. Am starting to dig Raw though :P

Blogger grace_t said...
right.. ish ;p i think only 2 ppl wrote back.. haha out off the 2 dozen or so i sent out *sads*

mms haven't got a chance to do much photography this sem.. :( did do a shoot for some friends o mine tho. twas fun heh.. wah RAW.. i tried shooting raw once.. didn't have time to learn how to tweak raw so i kinda procrastinated on that *hee* isit hard?

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