Saturday, September 08, 2007
Coffee & Cameras

Campos Coffee - nyam nyam....

Coffee and cameras and cloudy Sydney skies

make for an unlikely, yet rather interesting day out shooting..

It's been a long long long past few weeks..some ups, some downs. A lot of strange emotions and stranger days. Ironically, as legions of clouds tide over the clear skies for Spring showers, i feel as if my own little grey cloud is finally starting to float away...

Had one of those lovely lazy days today. Went out with Nat & Leanne to shoot some couple portraits and had the chance to witness how bi-polar weather around here can get. It went from sunshine to rain to clouds to rain to sunshine to rain and clouds again, ending in one of the most vivid and complete rainbows i've seen in a very long time. It meant something to me that rainbow.. reminded me that the gloomiest storms can lead to the most beautiful rainbows - reminded me that with God, we're never completely alone.

Learned a few things about shooting too today as i marched the patient couple across jelly-fish infested beaches, slimy green moss, muddy park lands and funky graffiti tunnels (*thanks for being so sporting guys, hope you had fun ;D ). Been researching and experimenting a bit with lomo-style and cross-processing photo editing as the lovely couple likes bright punchy stuffs.. *heh* been having fun going colour crazy with the photos.. i've been shooting black and white so much recently that i had forgotten how much fun you can have in techni-colour.

Twas so nice to get out of uni and out of my suburb for a bit.. it was so nice to not have uni work to rush for a day *sigh* i miss having a life..

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Blogger FoOie said...
Hey Grace!

Speaaakinngg of coffee.. :)

Is our coffee date still up? ;)

Blogger grace_t said...
heh.. drop me a message when you're in Syd and we'll meet up for some coffee and conversation.. :)

Anonymous thomas said...
oh man.. small small world!
this nat and leanne.. they are from barneys right??!? met them when i visited their church months ago.. melissa, who you met at the harbour cruise thing, brought me there....
this is thomas from church. from uts. from singapore

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha hello thomas from chuhrch. from uts. from singapore.

yeap that's the same Nat & Leanne hehe... small world O_o"

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