Saturday, January 20, 2007

Taken while driving on the highway back home from Cyberjaya, KL. (Yes, i was driving and snapping.. last i checked they haven't banned that yet :D ..not that they should..)

"I've found many reasons to turn back
Cos i've been down that road so many times before..

..The places we're going
making me feel lost instead found.."

-from Traveler's Tune by Paolo Delfino

Traveler's Tune by Paolo Delfino (please click on "Traveler's Tune" to load the song)

It's not easy to really impress me. It's not easy to make me want to google like crazy to find out how i can load a song onto my blog without already knowing it's html code.. but today, i did.

Cos Ivan Gecko emailed me today and told me about his band. I wanted to know more about they're sound so he sent me this link of one of the guys involved. 'The guy' turned out to be Paolo Delfino. I've never heard of him before but his name sounded nice so i clicked "play"...

Warning: If you're in an emo mood, his music will definitely not help you out of that state..

Otherwise, i'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with his sound.. there's something about the uncliche lyrics in a cliche genre, the clean guitar riffs, the feeling deep down that this isn't just another emo song by just another emo artiste.

I'm up till 6a.m. listening to this stuff and for some reason it has reacted with my already reactive mood and imbued me with a seething need to make something or break something - don't ask why. So seeing as i've lost my little black sketchbook in which i fill with all my poems/songs/sketches (*sobs*) and Ray didn't have his guitar over the webcam.. i spent so long browsing through my old photo folders trying to find something suitably wistful to match how i feel. Came across this old shot i took with my Olympus C-760 early last year and thought "it will have to do.."

I just had to tell someone.. so, for now, this will have to do..

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Anonymous Anna said...
Forgive me if I'm embarrassingly wrong, but are you the Grace Tham I met at the dance conference in 2003? I can't even remember the name of the conference! But anyway, just checking. Sorry if I got the wrong person!

I love your pictures by the way, and that song by Paolo Delfino.. I was just listening to it like 5 seconds before I stumbled into your blog (was through Xianjin's a.k.a Pinkfrog's blog). And ya, I like the song very much too.. Am so jealous of him now :p

Blogger grace_t said...
anna: anna banana?? hehe :D i think you got the right person.. eheh. It was the CDFM conference me thinks. Glad you like my pics :D hehe i love that song, always makes me so emo when i listen to it. haha everyone's jealous of him now ;)

how've you been??

Blogger Justin said...

really emo post!:P nvm nvm..i know u'll be alright soon.:)

cheer up kays..i'm always here if you need someone to talk to except for the time difference la. LOL.


Blogger grace_t said...
justin: hehe yeah sorry for the flood of emo-ness lately.. *hugs*

Anonymous Anna said...
Yes, that's me! Haha.. I've been great, still am feeling great =) Currently studying in US now; doing a music course. You can read my blog to know more, if you want. Anyways, I'm glad to have "met up" with you! Haha.. I'll drop by here every once in awhile to see what's going on lar =)

PS, I'm linking you, tell me if you mind ya?

Blogger Justin said...
girl..u don't have to apologize..:)

i'm just shocked that ur posts are slightly more emo than usual. but whatever it is, we're all human and I can roughly understand ur emo feelings stemming from the fact that you're leaving.

ur emo posts lets me know that you're still human:P hahaha..


Blogger grace_t said...
anna: thanks for the link, i'm linking you as well :D good to hear you're doing well.. *hee* nice "bumping into you" here!! Drop by whenever you want.. really really nice hearing from you again.. eh btw how's Peklyn??

Anonymous ivan said...
holy cow! i never tot u were so into it! but yeah im super jealous too hehe.

Blogger grace_t said...
justin bear: *hugs* yes i'm still human..

ivan: haha i didn't think i'd be so into it as well :D eh i memang in acoustic emo song mood these days la.. what with my sis buying John Mayer albums and me getting amos lee music hehe :D thx for the link! aih.. *jealous* is an understatement la..

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