Thursday, January 18, 2007

Balinese boys dance to a beat centuries old yet as real to them today as it was to those before them. Bali, Dec 2005.

All life has rhythm..
and i'm reminded of it each time i stop and breathe..

Breathe. Back in high school when i used to debate and do public speaking, the one thing i would always, ALWAYS write on my cue cards was "BREATHE!". I've always had the habit of forgetting to stop and breathe. This is why i'm ever grateful for nights like tonight where i can be with good friends, listening to good music and just talking. Nights like these help me remember that life is more than just a list of things to be done, it's more like a rhythm to be followed - to be found. It's funny how the one thing we barely even think about each day, is the very thing that keeps us alive.

Hit "play" on the player above to hear a lovely piano rendition of Amazing Grace (no, it's not an ego trip song praising me.. although, that's not entirely a bad idea...hehe). It's always been one of my fave songs just because it reminds me of all the things i have to be thankful for. In a rather wistful mood lately, been thinking about alotta things, reevaluating my priorities and other such emo things.

As i blog, it's now the 18th of January, 2007 which means that i have averagely another 2 weeks more in KL before i leave for Australia. I really didn't think that the move would affect me quite as much but apparently, i does.. *sighs* i go through random waves of extreme excitement and mellow-dramatic musings - do excuse me if i sound a bit schizophernic over the next few weeks ;p Happy Grace and Depressed Grace co-exist quite comfortably together - usually.

Anyways just to let you guys know, i'll be flying off on the 10th of Feb at about 6:00am i think (argh.. i expect to just stay up the whole night till morning la.. so early!!! ;p) so would really like to meet up with everyone before i fly off. Buzz me and lemme know when you're free, trying to plan out some sorta schedule to make sure i don't end up bumming away the rest of my time here in front of my new toy...

...yeah.. remember that new toy i was talking about getting? Well, i got it!! HAHA! In fact this is the first blog post i'm making using my new toy! Yays!! If you can't guess it now, you're blur-rer than i am la.. it's my new HP Mobile Workstation (can you say ATi FireGL V5200 baby? Nyahaha... ;D ) *Woo-hoo* My latest addition, to my nice little stash of girly gadgets! Hmm.. trying to think of a nice name for my newest gadget baby. Any ideas?

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Blogger Justin said...
woo girl..don't be so emo la~! cheer up and breathe!:)

it'll all be fun oneee..knowing u!:P i wanna meet up with u la? when u free? haHahahAha.. too bad im in the uk.:(

anyhow, hope u enjoy urself over there. I'm having an exam in an hours time. hahaha..


Blogger grace_t said...
justinbear: ai.. YOU are telling ME not to be emo.. hehee ok ok :D actaully i'm excited la but the more escited i become the more nervous too. eh go study!

Blogger Justin said...
lol..ironic hur?:P

only i can be emo..u cannot.:P actually it should be the other way around..hmm..nvm la. emo emo bit can la..but don't let it overwhelm u k?:)

enjoy aussie land. don't forget to gimme ur contact when u get over.:P hahaha..just in case i don't see u online anymore..hmm..

Blogger grace_t said...
bear: haha eh no fair wei.. only you can be emo :( i'll be alright la jsut a passing phase. I'll give you my contacts as soon as i get a palce to stay :( hehe.. still homelesssss

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