Wednesday, October 11, 2006
23 hours and counting...
22 and 1/2 hours more and i'll be 100% lawfully legal for.. just about AnYtHiNg...


I feel old...
Blogger Justin said... what are u gonna do about it?

you're not even going to be drinking..-_-" tch..;p hahaha..

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Don't worry, it only gets better from there. LOL.


Anonymous pat said...
happy 21st grace!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! SEE!!!! time and space ain't gonna separate us!!! i'm gonna still be singing off tune happy birthdays to u when u're 210 years old =)

ohh yeah... juz a word of advice from someone who has already been 21... medical records show that once u reach 21, ur brain cells stop reproducing... so basically in other words... or rather in more direct terms... once u reach 21, u start ur journey towards death and forgetfulness.... ehehehe

hope u enjoy ur 21st b'day and remember it tmrw as well... ahahahahahaha


-Dandan Bear-

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Actually, recent research showed that brain growth, or neurogenesis, does continue into adulthood.

In fact, what stops the brain from growing isn't age, it's stress.

So, be an adult. Just don't start stressing yourself like one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Happy 21st! I am this mysterious guy who only heard about your stories from someone's someone. But you seemed surprisingly interesting and I loved the fact that you like Jazz and Photography, they're classics! You've got it goin babe!

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