Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Of Superheroes and Such..
It's been quite a long time since i posted.. been a bit busy with my life in the REAL world (yes, i have a life). Have so many things to blog about but, alas, not much time with which to do so *sobs*

Anyways, got a couple of photography shoots coming up! Hopefully all goes well. Planning a shoot for The Oral Stage crew again, this time for their new piece entitled 59 minutes.. hehe waht i'm trying to do for them is gonna bring the term "experimental" to a new level *eep* *faints when she looks at the 400 frames shot* (i should get back to work) ;p

Anyways, was editing photos and came across these shots from the 'Save the World' party thingy i went to @Maison KL the other day. I was feelnig weird in the head so i did this...

*tee hee*

A short vid of the performance by Bantus Malaysia..
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
go go bantus superheroes!! ^^

Blogger grace_t said...
must come up with theme song hehe..

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