Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Sunburnt Strawberry Muffins
Grace is officially a..
*Sunburnt Strawberry Muffin*


Been some crazy camera person these past few days. if i'm not out shooting, i'm home staring at this comp screen editing photos under the light of a dinging little lamp (my ceiling light's a bit wonky) - feel so ghetto wei in this dim lil light.

Anyways done with the editing of pics for The Oral Stage's 59 minutes that starts shows on Thursday. Go check it out.

Tad sad tho i didn't get the message that they were supposed to be in black and so did em all for colour printing. Haven't seen em yet :D hope it looks okay - haven't actually printed photos to real tangible prints in a long lnog time haha can't wait to actually look at my shots on, well, something other than a computer screen. Anyways gonna post some of the colour versions up here for now.

On a lighter note, did a round of shooting with Yeow Chet and his friend Jamie Tham (another Tham from Seremban.. freaky, we might be distant cousins or something *hehe*) the other day. i got hideously sunburnt and i didn't even know it until i got home and was like *ooUucCCchhHhhH* aih.. hazards of the job. Got some good shots i hope :D gonna start editing em soon!!

Leaving you with some of the 59 minutes series portraits.
Based on the idea of time as a progression within space..

*runs off to watch another episode of Prison Break*

(L-R Clockwise: Reuben, Priya K, Krystle & Marvin)

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
crazy camera person indeed... hehe

great work on the 59 minutes potraits though... :)

*peels dead skin*

mmm, crunchy...

Blogger Justin said...
haha..wah u peel the dead skin and eat..u think roasted duck ar? hahah:D

*poke poke poKEeeeeee*

mwahahaha..:D wassup girllll..

Blogger opookr said...
oohh! hey grace! =)
one of the cheerleaders.
was randomly searching up Blitzerz and i got your blog.

lovee the shots.<33


Blogger grace_t said...
ray: hehe thanx!! wait.. y u eating my dead skin?!!? *EEEWWWW*

JustinBear: wassup :D *save me from the skin eating monsta!*

Jenn: hey-lo! Thanx :D and welcome to my blog :D

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