Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Not an Ordinary Morning...
"All I can say is that the Velvet Underground is great,
And I'm sitting watching puddles gather rain,
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two,
And maybe even speak my point of view,
But it's not sane, no - It's not sane..."

- Dave Matthews Band, No Rain

You know there's something wrong when the only green you see is on your computer screen...

Finally went out and saw the sky today... cool. Been holed up in my room for the past couple of days like a crazy person. If there's one thing i discovered over the past few days, it's that music from movie soundtracks make EXCELLENT background music when you're working late through the night. I used to listen to jazz but i think i've listened to my cds so much that i now get distracted by jazz. So by a fluke accident, i started playing movie soundtrack music instead.. and it worked!! Kinda puts me in an artsyfartsy mood too - always a good thing when you're stuck in the middle of doing your design work.

Some OST's i've been listening to:
  1. The Constant Gardener (Alberto Iglesias) - beautifully lyrical music that's just so so so sad... one of the better soundtrack albums i've heard so far*sniff*
  2. Memoirs of a Geisha (John Williams) - Evokes daydreams of misty Japanese mornings with dew heavy in the air, paper lanterns blowing in the breeze and fresh garden smells... *ahhh*
  3. Crash (Mark Isham, Bird York, Stereophonics) - The stoner blend. It's a 'walking down the street with my headphones on, my hands in my pockets and my hoodie up' kinda album :)

Needless to say, this pic is something like what i imagined when listening to 'A New Name..A New Life' from OST - Memoirs of a Geisha.

*Take a deep breath, and float away into the rising sun...*

There's this amazingly cheap way to simulate a softening filter effect when you don't have one...just fog up your camera lens *hee* - happened by accident but i liked the effect so i didn't wipe the lens :)

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
one always studied accompanied by such music. classical was too boring and jazz, like u said, was too distracting.

excellent background music indeed.

Blogger grace_t said...
heheh any suggestions for other good soundtrack albums?

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
got, we each record praises for each other. for sure inspiring one! i record 1 minute u record 1 hour.. kay kay? :D

Anonymous jenna said...
Hey grace!
I LOVE listening to ost too! I find it really soothing. I usually listen to James Horner, he composed for a number of movies including, Braveheart, Bicentennial Man, Land Before Time, Legends of the Fall, etc.. Let me know if ur interested, I'll send some over to you ;) Thomas Newman is good too.

awesome pics btw.. ;)

Blogger grace_t said...
haha ray - i agree that would be a good idea but sinceyou're the one who's so great at recording stuff you do first ler.. haha you send me a 1 hour demo i do a 5 second trial version for you :)

JENNA!!!!! hey, how you been? :) haha didn't know you knew bout my site. OOh Braveheart soundtrack - that's another lovely one. I loved Land Before Time when i was younger, actually, i still love it *heh* YOu're pics are puuurty by the way. I've linked you *wheee...* Feel free to drop a hi here any time ks?

Anonymous Jenna said...
hey grace!

i'm good. how are ya? actually, i've been an avid fan of ur blog for quite sometime now. Just been lurking around. Hehe.. thanks for the link :) we should meet up soon.. ;)

Blogger Albert said...
Jazz is too distracting indeed.

I'd go with Winamp on Shuffle and skip when the song is not helping to my mood. Ironically, the least distracting songs are SOME Christian praise & worship (my sister's stuff) and old boyband stuff. I'm so used to hearing them that it doesn't occur to me that they're playing, until people bug me on MSN saying "OMG you listen to The Backstreet Boys?"

Blogger grace_t said...
Jen: hahah lurking ooh *scared*. What you been up to lately? yeah we REALLY should la.. hahah.. go hang out for a bit :)

Albert: boybands?!?!?! woah... hahaha how is that not distracting? ome are uber irritating la... hahah Albert listens to backstreet boys.. cool ;)

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