Saturday, May 20, 2006
Just Keep Swimming...

How lovely it must be to spend your whole day flying around in the garden, sucking nectar and smeeling flowers...

Ok.. i must post less depressing posts. Between the mood swings and the full-blown assault on my tagboard, i think some people are getting scared of this blog *heh*.

Saw a Finding Nemo commercial jsut now and the thought struck me.. it would be lovely to be like Dory for a while.. 2 second memory.. "just keep swimmnig, swimming, swimming..."

Life moves on and you jsut go on moving with it. i try. i still get this pit type feeling in ym gut when i think about it but i try ;p

*Must think happy thoughts* - must keep busy so i don't think so much about it..
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
sucking and smelling.. mmmmm, lovely indeed!

eee, your bee should meet my bee and get it going!

very nice colorsss :)

yes, may you not drown... heh

Anonymous coolest cool said...
"It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple - tagore. "
How true when mother theresa says ‘There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread’. Loneliness eats ones up when the void is not filled. Is the quest in life all about finding the missing piece?
When the sea of life has lost its calm, it roars and rumbles. I guess we're blessed for we're forced to learn, thru the hard way... So my dear dori, just keep swimming and enjoy the 'finding' journey:-)

Blogger grace_t said...
ray : er... thanx for the bee offer but my bee are quite happy being blissfully unaware of the likes of your bees!

cool: ahah hello there.. you still lurk around my blog eh? wah.. impressed.. you're quoting the likes of tagore and mother teresa... i will try to enjoy this very colourful journey of mine :) thanx..

Blogger urbanDee said...
yes...we lifeless-os have to stick together :P

Blogger grace_t said...
ahaha.. brana biscuits!... been a while. where've you been hiding? :)

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