Friday, March 07, 2008
Being in the company of a stadium full of women..
is a wonderfully strange experience..

Went for my first Colour Conference today which is Hillsong church's anual women's conference. Wasn't quite sure what to expect from it but have to admit that i was quite excited to go :)

Opening night was a ton of fun and there was this moment during worship where Brooke Fraser was leading and the band stopped playing for the chorus bit... standing there right in the middle of this huge stadium, with nothing but Brooke's voice and the collective voice of thousands and thousands of women praising God was quite breathtaking. I've been in mixed crowds singing at worship and concerts before but nothing - nothing - was quite like being in a crowd of WOMEN (and girls) all singing in one voice before. There was something so amazingly pure, comforting and strong about it...

Carol turned to me and whispered "Wow, looking at this i think women can really take over the world if they wanted to..".

..and for that moment, it was possible :)

Got some piccas here that i snapped on my Sony Ericsson K800i handphone camera.. not the best thing to shoot with but i was lazy to bring my big cam ;p

Opening night '08 begins..

every..single...level in the acer arena was packed solid..

Brooke leading worship..

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Blogger Monsta said...
wow, that place's like heaven on earth! *ahem, stadium packed with girls*

Anonymous Prakash Daniel said...
hey grace, my friend was there as well and she said the same thing as well, and yes that same statement ur friend mentioned she said as well...anyway when ur coming back drop me a mail at and my blog at

you take care and see ya soon yeah, I miss you la, havent seen ur bubbly face in a while...

take care

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