Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Fallen Leaves@Dram Projects Studio

"Fallen Leaves is a dreamscape where lives and stories swept to the fringes
are collected gently as one. Their sounds chime with the stories of lives lived less ordinary."

Fallen Leaves was first staged@Actor's Studio Bangsar and i had the pleasure of shooting their first performance as well as shooting their recent pratice session for the re-staging of this wonderfully honest and moving piece.

Initiated by Cloudbreak Creative Developement Centre (run by my aunt Jade and Brian Jones), this project consists of 4 real-life stories written as short plays and told by HIV/Aids patients who themselves have experienced first hand many of the emotions and conflicts brought up in the layered themes of the pieces. If the first staging was anything to go by, audience members can expect a very human story told on a very human level - one that will ensure that you leave the theatre space questioning your own prejudices, preconceptions and understanding regarding this topic of drugs, aids and HIV. Forget holier-than-thou service messages, this is the real thing.

All proceeds from these performances will support ongoing Art Therapy Projects at Welcome Community Home.

As it is a mobile performance experience (yeap, this means the actors and the audience move among each other during the's kinda cool, trust me ;) ) it is limited to only 50 participants per show. You can get your tickets at the following venues:

Food Foundry: Block B Happy Mansion Jalan 17/13 PJ - Siew Ling @ 012 330 5805
Cloudbreak Studio: P2-2 Plaza Damas Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 KL - Jade @ 012 330 2600

29 June 07, Fri / 8pm
30 June 07, Sat / 3pm, 8pm
1 July 07, Sun / 3pm, 8pm

Tickets by donation:
RM30 (Adults) & RM10 (Students, senior citizens)

Beyond the hype - Past the prejudice - Through the fear

Some shots from the practice run... yes, b/w again.. and do excuse the excessive amount of 'hand' photos.. it's a recent obsession (As Ray puts it they are "..hand picked hand pics" *hee*). Hands are such fascinating tools of expression...

Abdul Manap in action in "Panah Beracun/The Poison Arrow"

Brian J. and Harjit discussing the play with the actors

Actors and audience members will move among each other as each story literally 'weaves' through the place..

Azahar takes over the lead in "Bakar" from the original actor who has since passed on :(

Azahar's hands tell as much of the story as does his actual narrative

Azahar again :)

Tet Fook taking time out to give some thoughts about his experience of being involved in this project

I love Harjit's face.. his eyes are quiet, strong, weathered and lead on to an old soul - one who looks out on life with deep knowing eyes...

Laura and Abdul Manap watching the play unfold..

Paul Gobi in "A Shaded Life"

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Blogger Nicholas said...
It's interesting shooting at the dram... All the walls, ciling and floor are matte black and very linear lighting... I was looking at your shots and thinking how similier your shots are to mine at the Dram :P

Blogger grace_t said...
nicholas: it's always interesting shooting at the dram cos you have to keep figuring out diff ways to shoot in an all black setting with standard overhead lighting that just drives my white balance crazy!! But lotsa craziness always happens there - i love it :) you shot screwed for tos right? :D

Blogger Nicholas said...
Yea, i shot Screwed for ToS... tho i do admit i cheated after a while and brought in a halogen projector XD

Blogger grace_t said...
nicholas: haha you did? smart boy!!

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