Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Chasing Rainbows
"And i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad, the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had..
i find it hard to tell you, i find it hard to take, when people run in circles it's a very, very mad world..."

For some strange reason, this song has been stuck in my head the whole day. A classmate of mine used this song for a photo presentation and it just stuck.. i'm not in a depressive mood, no. It's just sorta.. contemplative. Like taking a step back and looking at the world and realising that it's a really, really surreal and strange place. We are a peculiar species.. we keep thinking we're so different from each other and yet we share habits, thoughts and emotions that are so similar that sometimes i wonder why we ever saw a divide in the first place. In a rather floaty and thoughtful mood lately. I think the combination of lack of sleep, long walks barefoot all the way home, some long conversations and too much tea & coffee has brought on a strangely sedated state of consciousness.

It feels like i'm dreaming when i'm awake and sometimes it feels like i'm more awake when i'm dreaming... this might actually work out for the better though. I've got this really interesting assignment where i've got to study my dreams and translate them into a collage of sorts *fun*

Anyways, i've been spending too many nights in uni on my 3D Max project (remember the white one i loaded the other day?). FINALLY, i'm done with it... a total of 30+ rendering hours later and this is what that model looks like now... i'm quite happy with it since it's taken me long enough to try to figure the program out :)

And now, i am going to go sleep. zzzZZzzzZzz....... enjoy.

The lounge-ish area.. sunshine through the window *whee*

A close-up view of the cocktails, bottle and candle holders i modeled.. had some fun playing with the depth of field in this shot... i love my pink cocktails!

An overall view of the bar area..

A closeup of my bar area (*whee* handles handles handles*)...

I love the reflections on my shiny black glass bar top :) this render took 7+ hours to render *ugh*... O_o"

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Blogger Nicholas said...
Holy cow! Epic modelling! *must resist urge to fire up Lightwave*

Beautiful work Grace... XD

Blogger Justin said...
i'm stunned girl..:P

if i ever wanna like start a bar/club business...I know who to find to do my interior design!:D hahahahhahaa...

dammn chun ur modelling. it's indescribable.:)

keep up the good workk!

Anonymous jasonphoon said...
that song Mad World was used in the xbox360 game , Gears of War. Possibly your friend knew it from there ?

It's a very haunting song if I say so myself. Okies, i'm off to download it ^_^

Anonymous Anonymous said...
great work there grace. its beautiful! really, it is. its all 3D is it? it looks so real. and the colours blend really well. are you a interior designer or photographer? you seem really good in both. am a regular at your blog :D

take care.

Blogger grace_t said...
nicholas: haha thank you :) how's lightwave? never used that before :)

justin: wahaha you know where to find me :D .. throw in all day every day free flow and we may have a deal *wheee*

jasonphoon: yeah it was i think it was also used in the movie Donnie Darko. eh after you download it, send it to me?? :D *hee*

Blogger grace_t said...
janine: hey there *wave* nice of you to drop by :D and thanks. i'm an interior architecture student + an amateur photographer heh so you could say i'm both? :D How'd you come across my lil blog? Do say hi more often :D

*la la la*

Blogger Nicholas said...
Lightwave is... the general consensus is that Lightwave is among the easiest 3D packages to learn, but also one of the more rudimentary. It's not as powerful or flexible as 3D Max or Maya, but it gets the job done.

Anonymous ivan said...
omgggg soo niceeee. bt where;s me??? haha.. that's it la..i wanna live there forever

Blogger grace_t said...
nicholas: ah oks.. so far i've found max quite great for rendering :) with the right plug-ins you can get pretty good results!

ivan: hahaha i don't have picks of you wor.. hehe go take some photos of yourself in lounge-ish clothes from the same angle as the photos la hahah i just might put you in my shot for my next assignment which is to photoshop ppl into the scene ;D *whee*

Blogger Justin said... you drinks free flow and you might consider? hahaha..look who's the alcoholicc!:P

alco bear and alco girl. HAHAHA.:P

u amuse me girl. haha.:p

Blogger revel in me said...
Yay! I know who to find now to design my restaurants and bars! :D

Anonymous ivan said...
*busy snapping away*

i wannnnnnn hahahha. nah, im not that thick-skinned.

Blogger grace_t said...
bear: haha i amuse you? aih like circus animal only :( eh i'm not alco ok.. hahaha you're just a bad influence on me ;p

huiwen: haha yay! together we all take over the kl nightlife scene *world domination* *whee*

ivan: hahaha eh i'm serious ;) if you want, do send hehee..

Blogger Justin said...
ahaha..ala..amuse me only doesn't mean u haf to be a circus animal ma :P ahahaha..

EH don't blame me for being bad influence no do anything! ur in syd, how could i influence u to drink hm? haha..alcooo girl!


Blogger R. said... woman why'd ya have to be so darn talented??(grumbles) but seriously,awesome work done...its so you..i can just imagine it happening...drool...if i ever had one of my 'dream' cafes,ur in my list! weee!oh,btw,miss ya. :)

Blogger albert said...
Suhweeet. Plus you get to imagine you have an ultra-wide lens.

P.S. Close your eyes and go all dreamy.

Blogger grace_t said...
bear: haha you still can! hahah i don't care, it's still your fault ;)

rachel: aloo!! haha we really should start a cafe one day.. it'll be our retirement project hahaha... or we can all just start one now and stone there *whee* miss you too.. will be back soon, we must find a nice cafe to stone and dream about our dream cafes :)

albert: hahah you ar ;p stop spyign on my sis!!

Blogger Cheryl Chen said...
you make my stuff look like a 3 y.o. playing with clay... =/ really good stuff though...

Blogger grace_t said...
cheryl: thanks dear hehe.. sometimes 3 y.o. clay models can be really great too!!

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