Friday, May 11, 2007
Making Magic
Have dinner at ARIA, go watch Chick Corea, Sydney Symphonic Orchestra & Gary Burton perform at the Opera House then finish off with drinks at Opera Bar... that's what you do when you're in Sydney :D


The performance was utter magic.. just magic. We knew it, they knew it - i really hope they make the recordings into a record.. as it is Chick hardly ever records with an orchestra and the orchestration under the spunky guidance of the conductor Johnathan Stockhammer was just amazing... at times in the first half Gary Burton (vibraphone/marimba) more or less stole the show. He's such an enigmatic guy to watch live and the fact that this complex jazz sound was coming out of what essentially looks like a glorified xylophone was quite bewildering - in a good sort of way.

We had these great seat smack in the middle of the row in the centre of the stalls.. close enough to see everything, far enough to get balanced sound *lovely*... the second half was where it got really interesting with some Corea favourites getting a revamp and remix with Gary coming in and the orchestra just making everything sound amazingly lush. The orchestra set a thick tapestry as a background and Corea and Burton just wove their way through it so beautifully - at times playing together as one instrument and at times going off on their own melodies. It really makes you wonder why they don't do more recordings with orchestras... *happy sigh*

It' been a while since i've been for a live performance that was this moving. One of my favorites of the nights was when the whole orchestra, Corea and Burton did this reinterpreted rendition of"La Fiesta".. WOW... i've never really liked the original recording of it but the one i heard tonight was there was a point in it where i just closed my eyes and i could see it all - the little children running about, the dancers in their colourful dresses, the fanfare, the spirit, the confetti even *hahaha*.. What did it for me though was the encore when both Corea and Burton duetted on the vibraphones with a spontaneous version of Corea's "Spain"...

*standing ovation*

Listen to some tracks here and imagine them done live with an orchestra...

*happiness happiness happiness*

Now, i must return to my little hole in uni to live out the rest of the semester *bleurgh*

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Blogger yellow_monsta said...

*jealous kao kao like snug monkey boxers... ;p*

hehe, but magical indeed :)

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: eh? hahaha :D

Blogger Justin said...
haha..seems like someone is enjoying herself in sydneyyy!:)

Blogger priya said...
oy, woman!!

i got your 'postcard' - half the writing got smudged onto my bills :P you had to use a purple INK pen didn't you?

was supposed to write you a long, rambly e-mail, but you'll wait forever for that la, so yes. hellooooo!

coming back for hols soon yea? can we finally use that cocktail book? PLEASE? hee

ok, back to studying. too much coffee. *bounce*

Blogger grace_t said...
bear: la la la

pri: hahah hello to you too hehe :) what... purple ink is puurty :D yes yes we can use my cocktail book.. speaking of which, you want any duty free alco when i get back from aussie? hehe.. i've become a caffeine addict too *blek*

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
you became caffeine addict d?? yey!!
can teman me drink coffee

anyways, i want chivas, cans?

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: ahaha i have a bottle of chivas on a self at home in the kitchen ;) haha you ask my mom la *heee*

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