Monday, May 21, 2007
Model Behaviour

Cheryl, Sophie, Michelle and me @ Maroubra

I miss summer days by the beach :) (spot the fake jumper *heh*)

My lame-o-meter broke today..
for some reason it has just been a day of lame jokes - very painful.. and when some one as lame as me says they are very painful lame jokes, trust me, they must be bad ;p

Was having a conversation with Ray about an idea i had for a photo shoot assignment i was thinking of doing involving "dead" people:

Monsta! : but posing dead quite easy job, u just lie there though a bit contorted
me: hahahaha

Monsta! :heh, hope u find ppl who are willing to die for you

me: ....

Monsta! :so your models are going to get shot hur?

me: .... O_o"
Monsta! says: eh eh eh eh eh eh! your models right, must be drop dead gorgeous! HAHAHA
me: aiyoooooo... *faint*

Lame-ness aside, I am looking for people who are willing to model for me tho.. just a simple shoot, nothing too complicated :) So if you're in Sydney around... now, or if you know anyone here who'd look good dead, buzz me and i'll send you more details. Thanks!

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Blogger yellow_monsta said...
eh, so cute the fake jumper.. haha didn't noticed it the first time

too all readers, that raymond is not raymond yong ern wei.. really!

does your models have to work graveyard shifts?

Blogger revel in me said...
*flings hand around* I fit the 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' requirement!!!

But I am in melbourne. Fly me to Sydney, fly meeeee! :D

Blogger R. said...
i also want.. :D

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: hehehe raymond yong ern wei.... you have surpased my lame-ness levels la.. creted one of your own adi hahah..

huiwen: haha yes you do dear.. wish you were in SYd!! seriously argh... haha so hard to find cam whores here hahaha..

rachel: PLEASE come!!! hahaha you'd make my assignment so much easier since you never take a bad shot hahaha...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey those are really really really really really funny jokes ok... T.T

i wanna take part in d shoot too!!! but can't u move the hoot over the ditch n come here?? xp


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