Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Of Sunsets and Sighs..

Sunset Silhouettes@ The Opera House
(Taken with my Sony Ericsson K610i cameraphone)

I hate Mondays..
I really really really do...

This one was considerably more vicious than the rest.. One of the worse things you can wake up to on a Monday morning after a week of Easter hols is your hp ringing after you've only had 2 hours of sleep, your friend on the other end of the line talking frantically about some submission deadline that you thought was one week away which is in fact 20 minutes away for work that you haven't done yet and won't be able to do in, well 20 mins.. or one day for that fact... *ugh* i justifiably have a reason to diss Mondays.. especially the mornings ;

I should really blog about happier things, like my box of Krispy Kreme donuts in the fridge or the fact that i've nailed making my own salad dressing and full salad from scratch or that my plant is still alive or that i had some killer pancakes at this 24hour place in Syd (like Paddington's Pancakes back home only bigger, badder and on speed)...

But i shan't because i'm a pseudo-emo-artistic-brooding-person who has a subconscious need to sound well.. like i'm brooding - which i am.


At least this does give me an excuse to go to Kikki.k and buy some gorgeous (but freakishly over-priced) wall planner thing... i need to sleep (or shop).

...and i still need a hug (withdrawal symptoms - *spasm spasm*)

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Blogger Justin said...
omg. u have my sympathy girl.

that IS the worst thing to happen.


go hug ur housemate or something la..ahahaha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
a big chubby hug from me to you sweets!!!!

Blogger revel in me said...
Ooooh, did you have Pancakes on the Rocks?????? I've heard so much 'bout it!!! But I didn't get to try it when I was in Sydney... *emo* :(

Blogger grace_t said...
justin: aih i noe *blink blink*

athirah: thanks dear! *huggggs*

huiwen: hehe, yah i did!! it's really good wei! my fave 24 hour makan place :D hehe come again la i'll take you there we can go get fat together :)

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