Saturday, April 07, 2007
Liquid Shadow

"Water need not think to offer itself as home
for clear sunlight.."

Taken at the fountain just outside St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.

On it's own the fountain was this little boring stream of water, but when it gave itself up to let in the light, it just lit up. Coupled with the shadows it cast, it made this really pretty dancing body of liquid shadow that i quite liked watching... :D


Easter hols are finally here! i can't believe it's already mid-sem.. things just flew by.. Been having a good few days so far. Got this happy vibe in the air.. and the fact that i get more sleep helps too i think hehe. Got some fun shoots set up - circus, easter show, etc.. working on some photo projects at the mo so we'll see how that goes... Just a short update for now.. might post more later tonight if i can. Right now, i need to go finish my blueberry (yes it's fresh blueberries) pancakes and peaches.. Happy Easter!

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Blogger yellow_monsta said...
oh, didnt realized it was a water fountain.. hypnotic @. @

hmm, someone quite sugar high.. hehe

have a nice happy easter :)

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: hehe it was hypnotic :) happy belated easter to you too :D

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