Saturday, February 10, 2007
I Smell The Sea...
My first blog post
from the land down under..

Honestly, i'm a bit too zoned out to really absorb actually being here. It feels quite like KL actually.. highways, buildings, warm weather (it's the same wei... *ish* only a tad bit windier) and i suppose having my family here and staying with family friends kind of buffers off the fact that i'm a few thousand km away from home - omg, the first flower i saw in the garden was a red Bunga Raya*blek*

Maybe tmw when i'm more awake, i'll be able to foray into discovering Sydney more.. hmms but first impression is that the air smells like i'm near water (which i am.. nice!) and the sky is so friggin' blue even when it's cloudy :D

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come by my place and the airport to say bye.. meant alot to me... miss you guys alot :(

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Blogger yellow_monsta said...
yer, so nice the air smells like the sea!

you're going to be sea high wei.. hehe

we demand aussie pics!

Blogger sooaun said...
hey there, thanks for your sms. couldnt reply you cos by the time i read it was too late... anyway, best wishes and God's blessings on your new chapter in life... and yes, looking forward to lotsa great shots from there! take care.

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: hahah i'm everything high already, no diff la ;p

sooaun: thanks.. hehe will get them up as soon as i can!

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