Monday, March 12, 2007
Some days...

There's something quite magical about being on a boat.

Something quite adventurous and exciting :)

Taken on a ferry ride from Manly beach to Circular Quay. All of us out on the deck got suitably soaked about 5 minutes after i took this shot. Thankfully my camera was safely in the bag by then! *phew* Before i took this shot, i was drawn to the lovely way the blue blue sky matched up with the blue tops the two were wearing. When i looked through the viewfinder however, i knew it was going to be in black and white..

Been a long day today (and i don't necessarily mean that in a bad way.. went to church saw, had Vietnamese beef noodles (yum!), went to see an amazingly random photography exhibition (you have no idea... O_o"), had a listen to some good music, had a lazy walk along the cliffs at Maroubra Beach, went to uni for a group meeting and stayed there till 10pm... and it's only week two!

This is going to be some semester..

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Blogger yellow_monsta said...
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Blogger yellow_monsta said...
I like:

1) the texture, especially the weathering on the ship
2) the silverness (?) of the top edges of the steps
3) the b & w tones... @.@
4) the contrast of men & machine

and of course, the lovey duvey sigh sigh sigh feeling it brings

grace so geng.. ;p

Blogger R. said...
grace my dearest....i have to share this bizarre thing which happened to me(in relation to this photo)..haha,so yesterday i was snooping around ur blog..obviously,enjoyig these lil black n white photos of urs..n this,this very picture was the one which i was very much attracted to.IRONICALLY...(the weirdness i swear),today,i got a lil postcard fr U!which is..(as u should already know.*Durh*)..this very picture...*gooosebumps*....shudder...i love it babe..thanks so much...HUGS..i miss u.(opps,got a lil carried away)

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