Tuesday, July 11, 2006
I'm Published!.. well sorta
The other day, my mom picked up an article in The Sun newspaper's EXTRA! pull-out section on The Oral Stage whom i shot for a couple o months back during their ROJAK! production.

Mom : Girl ah... eh you went to take pictures for them right? See see...
Girl : Hmm..? *runs and looks at article* Eeeeeeee! My pics! *hee*

Was quite excited to have my pics published in a local newspaper although was a bit bummed that there were no photo creds
:( *sigh* Oh well.. have to say it's been a while since i've seen any of my shots in print. Really should get round to printing some stuff out ;p

Been thinking alot lately about what i really wanna do after i graduate on the 15th (wow, this Sat... time flies), where i wanna go, what to study... considering whether or not to finish my degree in Interior Design or to persue a new one in Photo-journalism or something

Been thinking alot also about friends and family and people who i already miss... i hate transition periods *blek*

Taken at Olympiarch 2006, Johor. At the end of the closing ceremony, everyone came on stage to sing the event theme song.. it was a bittersweet sort of time. Was just suddenly hit by this wave of sadness thinking about the fact that this would be my last event with my uni and the other student board members :( Missing everyone already...

Also realised today that Internet Explorer makes my blog look cacat and blows up the wording to an ugly size :( So please, if you have Mozilla Firefox, use that browser instead =D!

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
use I.E. can see ugly side of grace (blog).. hohoho

Anonymous Jian Li said...
hey i was surfing around and i came across your blog. great pics! may i ask for your suggestions?

photo editing - photoshop or paint shop pro?
music downloading - limewire or ares?

i've encountered viruses from limewire corrupting my whole lappy but others still go with it tho. i just need some public opinion. thanks! :)

Blogger grace_t said...
Monsta: hahaha eeyer don't la.. you using i.e. or firefox? so sad you know when i saw my blog in i.e. the other day :( so Ugggggggglyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Jian Li: hey there, thanx :) hehe you're welcome to surf back here again anytime!

hmms i personally feel that photoshop is way better for PHOTO editing.. paint shop pro is better if you're doing digital paintings or digital drawings from scratch mainly because of the tools available in each of the programs. Most photo editing tutorials are also mainly for photoshop so that makes learning specific photo editting techniques a whole lot easier.

for downloading, limewire has given me too many problems to list so i suppose ares would be the lesser of two evils :)


Anonymous Jian Li said...
Hey.. really sorry to bother you again, but.. i reckon none of my friends will go against limewire now. i downloaded ares lite and it was so laggy in searching that i shut the whole thing and gave up. any other programs ? thanks! i owe you a bunch and uh.. i hope your toe relocates itself back. ;D

Blogger grace_t said...
jian li: hey, no biggie.. hmms well ares does lag a bit i suppose, the full version gives less problems than the lite version though so you might wanna try swapping to that instead. not too sure bout other programs.. not much of a 'downloading stuff' kinda person but i suppose you could try using bit torrent or i mesh? go to http://www.download.com/2001-20_4-0.html?tag=cnetfd.dir and check out what other programs they have there.. maybe that'll help :)

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