Saturday, July 15, 2006
X-ray Vision...
So i messed up my toe and my knee yesterday when i fell (yes, again) on the steps in uni and had to go for an x-ray.. was actually quite excited bout the whole x-ray thing. Can't quite remember when was the last time i took one. maybe when i was a kid?? Anyways, the doc thought it might be broken, hence the x-ray.

Was talking with Benji while waiting and we came to the conclusion that a broken toe was not a very cool "first-broken-body-part" story... quite malu la actually, others are like "i broke a hand, broke a foot, fractured an elbow. i... broke a toe" ;p *potong steam* but at least it's better than "i broke a nail? does that count?" *heh*

The X-ray of my cacat toe :D

Thankfully though, my ego was saved and the x-ray showed that it was probably only a strain - which is frustrating cos i can't do anything but sit and wait for it too sort itself out (now why does that line sound familiar?*wonders*).

Oh well, seems to be that there are a lotta things at the mo that i have to ride out.. been thinking a lot lately. Feeling moody, contemplative and angst-y at the moment. Sorta took a step back and looked at myself and saw some things i didn't like *sigh* time for me to mope again... i'm in a bit of a 'i-hate-myself' mood so yeah... *blek*

Looking for the light...
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