Monday, June 28, 2004
Me & Mandy @ Cheer 2004

Ok just a note *these pics are actually for yesterday. i was so dead tired yesterday that i just couldn't bring myself to switch the comp on..even though it was pretty tempting ;p*

But anyways, this is the very FIRST pic of me in here.. mainly because ALL the photos here are taken by me.. and i sorta wanted to keep it that way (yes yes sorry..a little selfish moment) but on occasion, i will post a few pics that weren't taken by me...when i do, i will of course acknowledge the respective photographers... in this case i don't remmeber who took it.. haha but someone else did la..

enough about had a roadshow for TCS in the morning then went straight to Bukit Jalil for Cheer 2004.. ok so usually i wouldn't be so psyched about it but this year my darling younger sis was taking part! i was pretty happy for her since it was her first time competing.. Team Captain (wooo..) anyways i like this pic of my lil cheerleader & i.. it's like the 1st picture ever of the both of us where we actually have some semblance of being related (weird, we usually don't look even the slightest bit alike but here we actually look like sisters).. yeah and just incase you're wondering yes she's younger than me and yes she's the taller one :p oh yeah & the banner in the background won best banner so GO BLITZERZ! ALRIGHT! Posted by Hello
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