Friday, June 25, 2004
The Canticle Singers, 20 June 2004, Rehersal@FBC

Timmy is soOoooOo adorable. He's the only one who gets to runs around the whole rehersal hall and not get scolded by Chong (music director). This was taken when he was playing music conductor at Chong's post. I couldn't resist sneaking off and taking this shot. he's just too cute for words. Posted by Hello
Blogger Anson Ong said...
Eh Eh Eh.....lookidat Timmy guy.....wonder who took that cutiepie shot arr - ??? But too bad we may not be able to see him running around the rehearsals for quite a long period this year - we all know why lah - well, I m wondering which sibling he's gonna get by the middle of thes year - a sister or a younger bro - ?

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