Wednesday, June 30, 2004
The Truck

Another back dated pic :p Yesterday's pics were sorta delayed by a day so this one is for well, yesterday..(?) anyways, i was a pig again..slept in and woke up for lunch so the first signs of daylight i saw was when i went to play pool in the afternoon.. man did i suck *sigh* haven't played in a while so it was nice to play again.

On the way back had to rush to pick sis up from tuition (heh forgot bout the time.. as usual) & guess what? got stuck in a traffic jam at the tol :p anyways, this truck thing was in front of the car the whole time & the more i stared at it the more it said to me "take a pic of me.. do it.. do it.." So i gave in to the voice inside my head and ended up with this pic :) it's basically what i was staring at for the entire duration of the jam. The sky was nice though.
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