Sunday, March 09, 2008

na, hui wen, pri, me and zahra's chin ;) CNY 2008

This time tomorrow,
the Malaysia i know might be a very different place..

As i write, the votes are being counted for what will surely be one of the most significant elections in Malaysia's history - and tomorrow, Malaysia will have changed. Sure, stalls will still open, cars will still be jamming up the roads and people will still be waking up to offer morning prayers but the one thing different would be the focus of their prayers for a brief moment in their mornings..

Some will pray in thanksgiving..
some in dismay..
some in disbelief..
some in fear..
some in hope..

..but most will pray with Malaysia on their mind.

The one thing i seemed to keep hearing from everyone during my CNY hols back home was "It's got to get worse for it to get better." Not quite sure i agree with that statement but i do agree that it would take something radical to shake up our country - maybe this is it.

Then again, maybe not. We'll see.

I'm not much one for politics and quite honestly, i'm not the most patriotic person in the world, but i'll still drift off tonight wondering what tomorrow's light will reveal.

Whichever way the elections swing, tonight i pray for one thing only - the future, safety and peace of my home, Malaysia.

i love you, Malaysia - you know i do.

If you change, change for the better,
If you remain, retain only what is good,
If you must be radical, do so for the right reasons and in the right way;

and if you must move on, don't move so far that i can't find you the next time i look for home.

Sleep tight. It'll be a long day tomorrow.
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