Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Olympiarch 2006 - Part 1
Part 1 - The preparation

Click here for a link to my deviantart site where you can click on the "Download to Desktop" button to download the pdf photo slide show. Please bear with the download time ;p i'm kinda new to this so still trying to figure out a way to post stuff online for you guys to downlaod. Any ideas???

Departure: 7:30pm - Arrival: 12pm

Bus ride was more interesting then i expected ;) Sonnie was particularly hyperactive and coerced us into playing strip Sudoku, strip Paper-Scissors-Stone and well... you get the idea. Anyways, we arriverd in UTM in a blur haze and the girls were whisked off to check in before reporting to the briefing for the start of our kuli-fication. Revelation of the day: i forgot to bring a blanket *sobs*

(Technically) Still DAY 1...
Woke up to a rather different looking UTM. It's a lot prettier in the day time with the tree and grounds and all. That's what i love about arriving at night, you're almost always surprised by what you find in the morning. Breakfast then back to work lugging stuff around *phew* Did a lot o rushing around setting up for registration that afternoon then a lot o wandering about later on just exploring the place. Pretty much a slow start for me as i was wandering about aimlessly wondering what on earth to do... :(

..to be continued
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
strip games?? omg... makes me want to be an architect...

nice photos btw

Blogger Albert said...
Wah, how do you play strip Sudoku? You must show me sometime.

P.S. If you're nuts about Sudoku, there's a competition in National Science Centre this Saturday afternoon. SMS me if you're interested, because I'm supposed to be an invigilator!

Blogger grace_t said...
how to play?? haha.. it's complicated.. intersting that only the two of you are interested in learning it.. hmms maybe i couold set you two up? :D

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