Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Bantus Japaõ

It's been a while since i've posted anything..yes, yes with my über hip and happening life i just haven't got time for posting *lols*. But seriously, just been procrastinating for a long time ... as usual. Anyways, if you're not sick of capo pics yet, you will be when i'm done with this series.. if i'm ever done with this series, that is. Dont' think i've EVER finished any series ;) Has a sort of 'eclectic artist' feel, me thinks.. you know, all 'art is never finished, merely paused by circumstance and intervined by time'... i know, i am feeling rather lame ;p Do bear with me. It'll wear off eventually.

A group shot of as many Grupo Bantus Japaõ capoeiraistas as we could rally amidst the chaos of the day. Miss you guys :)
Anonymous xahra said...
I bore with it for 7 years... and I'm STILL waiting for it to wear off...

So people, don't get your hopes up!!

*grins, hugs grace, and prances off*

I love that photo! Thanks for sharing. We'll have an update on our blog soon, with all our photos and even some videos... (sheesh, it's been almost a month already). Sorry, still waiting for our guys to get their photos off their digital cameras. We miss you guys too! SO MUCH! Can't wait till next year, see ya in Brazil! ;)

Blogger grace_t said...
xahra: hahaha.. yeah.. this lamness thing.. looks like it may take a la la..

cacapa: yeah it's already a month! ish... still wish it was fiesta brasileira weekend here ;p i loaded most of my pics and all on a cd if you want a copy i reckon i could mail you one but i'd need an address.. and PLEASE lemme know when you guys get a dvd or cd up ok? *cheers*!

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