Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Blitzerz Snapshot 1

Semester is OVER!!!!! WeeEeEEeEeEee.... this feels so good.. so unbelievably good. *lol* but i'm still not getting enough sleep ;) Been tinkering around with photoshop now that i got the time & also this kwel new book on it (yay!). Thanx to my dear sis who's been liberally abusing my (limited) photoshop abilities.. i am still stuck in front of the computer.. this is a shot i edited for her cheerleading squad.. lame title i know :p Forgive me i'm really not in the mood to come up with anything more creative. Not sure who the photographer is but oh well, enjoy :)
Anonymous Anson Ong said...
B-l-i-t, z-e-r-z! Hail Blitzers, Hail!

Must congratulate the team on the runnerup honours this year....

At first I couldn't understand when I first moved into Pelangi Damansara Apts last year, where Blitzerz use the apartments' clubhouse as their "pengkalan" I couldn't understand what those girls were up to - and there's been a GREAT transformation between last year and this year ya! Sadly, I would have been there at Bt Jalil to watch but I was then away to Sydney for 6 days (Hillsongs Conference) but anyway, all d best to your sis and Blitzers for top honours nest year anyway!


Anson Ong (TCS kaki...Season of Light 2004)

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