Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Wallpaper-ish Wallpaper

elloos.. ooh ooh i just got this new photoshop book and i've been having so much fun playing around with it! *lols* Still quite elementary but oh well.. This is something i did as my desktop wallpaper.. My mom never let me tack things up on my walls so now that i've got my own comp, i can tack things up on my computer wallpaper *heheh* (do you get the lame joke? no?). i plan to edit more shots and add / change em every so often so do check back here for updates :)

The "wallpaper" background is from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy website (which is a very cool website and and even cooler movie)... and Yi khai if you're reading this, please SEND ME THOSE PICS NOW! hehe... wanna tack em up on my new wallpaper :) *cheers*
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