Friday, June 10, 2005
Shoes 1

it has been quite a while...argh sem is almost over *thank God* i really haven't looked forward to semester holidays this much in a long time.. so many things i wanna do *lol* anyways we were playing around with Ivy's digicam in church the other day just snapping random stuff. For some reason i had this fascination with shooting shoes hehe.. i have to say i REALLY REALLY like this camera.. like REALLY REALLY like it. she complains that it's a crappy one and ok i admit it lags for something like 10 seconds between shots and you basically have one mode of shooting (read: can hardly get a clear shot indoors) but that's just why i like it! it produces such random LOMO-looking shots with the loveliest pop colours.. hehe thinking of getting me one of those things.... imagine, a digital lomo cam.. nice ;)
Blogger Lizy said...
Your shoes looks wonderful..good post man.

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