Thursday, April 28, 2005

oooOoOooooh.... i need to get a life. Really. I've been starring at this comp for waaaaaay too long :( hahah... Feet.. yes feet... interesting story this one.. it's not a photo no.. see i was scanning some stuff for my work and all and i kinda pressed the "scan" button when my feet were propped on the glass.. so... i thought coOoOool.. it makes pretty pictures. So *wa-hey* i scanned my feet.

Oh gosh, i just realised how sad i sound :( *sob*
Blogger Benny-Ji said...
Hei...muahahaha. I like this trend of taking pictures out of stress. No wonder you like photography so much. After the one I posted in my blog, I kinda feel relaxed for a while. Hehehehee. Cute feet by the way! ; )

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