Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Flower | Power

"Look at all the pretty colours..."

I FINALLY got some of the pics from my Singapore (class) trip from my friend (used her cam a bit see).. so*woo-hoo* i get to post again. *Eeee* had so much fun there. Did the stupidest things, never walked so much in my life and took so many pictures that i didn't have enough memory space on my card *sigh* i need a new one *hint hint*. Anyways, my group got assigned Little India (in S'pore) as our research site which, compared to Orchard Road and the Esplanade wasn't the greatest location for research :( I was expecting a really boring trip.. *sob* no shopping or anything..BUT hehe guess what? I ended up having an absolute blast... so so much fun running around there..AND i read a map...READ it and FOLLOWED it and, get this, DIDN'T GET LOST!! *cue applause* hahaha.

This shot was taken by my friend Tanya, my partner-in-crime in S'pore at one of the colourful garland shops there. i did a bit of cropping in photoshop and *walah* here it is... Flower Power..Little India has such a hippie vibe sometimes. All the backpacker inn's and stuff... ;) *peace out*
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