Monday, February 14, 2005

A more festive post for this season :)

Imagine a bunch of big kids running around with sparklers in the middle of the road - that's pretty much what we did for the better part of the CNY dinner the other day ;) . haha it's been a long time since we played with fireworks and all.. *weeEee* it's so fun.

Somehow, we got the idea to start drawing sparkler pictures in the air with the camera on long exposure..once that started, we didn't stop till we had properly and thoroughly exhausted all our sparkler resources.. *ai* so fun la heh (Cue the Toys'r'us song : "I don't wanna grow up..i'm a toys'r'us la la"). Try it, it's addictive..really.

While i'm posting, Happy Valentines Day to everyone.
Anonymous Lynn said...
wooo... hv to get me some sparklers too! :)

Blogger grace_t said...
hahah go get em!! go go go.. quick you got 6 days of CNY left!!

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