Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Something Stupid

hahaha.. just as the title (again a song) suggests.. this is just a silly shot i took out the car window of well.. me :) i have a thing about taking pics of my camera with my camera *lol* yes i'm obsessed, so sue me.
Blogger Anson Ong said...
Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Grace! Your posts really reflect who and what you are - indeed!

Currently, Tze Liang and I are both back in our hometown in Sitiawan, Perak obviously for our CNY break - by the way where did you take these pics (along the prewar/postwar shoplots)-Melaka or ??

By the way, I have already changed my blog link to the following: - and you can also find some pics from The Canticle Singers' Christmas event (Season of Light) early December last year in the album corner.....

Blogger grace_t said...
hey, :) Happy CNY to you two too.

heh sometimes i forget that people actually read my blog sometimes ;) Thanx for your comments. These pics were taken mainly around Malacca town - along or near Jonker Street, so yes most of the buildings would be from the pre-war era.

Do have a nice CNY...

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