Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Sweet 16

My darling sis is all grown up and ready to kill the cake.. :) and NO, you can't have her number and YES, you will have to answer to me if you try anything funny with my baby sis - both of em.

That said, i was scrolling through my blog and i realised that within the span of little more than a week, my blog has taken a highly depressing turn... *ai.. not good*

I suppose i have been through a rather wide array of emotions in a relatively short span of time.. had some exhilirating highs and some pretty low lows. Thinking bout things sometimes still puts me in "moods" again. Driving myself crazy, driving alot of people crazy. *Cue song: Life is a Rollercoaster.."* (heheh.. My lameness is back, that should mean i'm feeling ok again ;) )

Sorry & thx so so much to all the lovely people around me who bear with me when i'm down, cheer me up when i need it the most, make me smile, grit their teeth and listen to me whine - you know who you are.. thanx.. it means a lot to me, really, it does :)

I reckon it's about time to start spreading some happy vibes again. I'll try. Here's a first. *cheers*
Blogger Matty said...
heyo! glad you're taking the happier turn on the road of life~;) But really, don't be forced to uhm..be happy,lol WIll cya around ya! take care

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