Sunday, January 16, 2005
Sutera II

"When the sun sets on the Sahara & the moon freezes over, when the Mohabi red turns into blue..."

There were photographers lined up around the marina, each one completely immersed in the beauty that surrounded him. All looking at the same sunset but eac in his own unique way. Sort of a metaphor to life.

Been feeling a little bummed the whole week. Given that i actually had what, under normal circumstances, i would consider a good week, it's deeply upsetting. Been sort of sad, thoughtful, confused, frustrated and every other depressing adjective in the english vocabulary. Not much fun to be around i'm afraid. Sometimes i wish that everyone could just let everyone be - let them live the way they want to, be the people they want to be, say the things they want to say. Seems that's too much to ask though. Anyways, i shant bother you with my melancholic ramblings any further.

When i first took this picture, i thought it felt rather calm, serene, peaceful..looking at it now, it bears a wistful after taste - it's just an idealistic dream.

Life as an idealistic dream.
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