Friday, January 07, 2005

it's 3 in the morning and i've been meaning to get offline since 1am.. talk about procrastination ;) But really, i should be logging off.. need..sleep... Unfortunately for me, my itchy fingers can't help but post one more pic on my site. I've been a bit blog-deprived recently as you can see.

This was taken at the Marina@ Sutera Harbour, KK, Malaysia. I fell in love with the sunsets there.. gorgeous, gorgeous skies that streached the entire horizon.. Simba Skies i called 'em (you know, Lion King, Simba..... no?). It was such a peaceful, lazy of those typical-romance-novel-setting evenings with a gentle breeze, the soft sound of lapping waves mixed with distant sounds of sultry guitar rendition, the air rich with that salty sea smell... the beautiful people strolling by the bay, blazing sunset, lyrical silhouttes... *sigh* yeap, one of those kinda evenings.
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