Wednesday, September 29, 2004
In the Shadows

So it's been bout what a week since my last post.. ok this sounds sad but i miss posting. Feel like i got withdrawal symptoms or something :p (yes i know i sound very very sad). Anyways been pretty occupied the past few days.. first i came down with this stoopid stoopid allergy, then there was work and site visits and going out and yeah well pretty much the usual la.

One of the projects i had to do was at this place called CoChine / Bar Savanah @ Asian Heritage Row (have i told you that i like AHR? Like really really like that place? hehe). I love having the freedom to roam all around a place to snap photos *haha*. This is one of the shots i took of that place. i like low lighting there creates a nice ambience and all but it's a horror to take pics in that condition!! *argh* anyone got any good suggestions on camera settings for conditions like that? Pls help.
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